Sunday, February 20, 2011

A New Policy for the Stake Over Which I am Called to Preside

Today was a very successful Sabbath for me.  I instructed the high council to read the following business in each unit of my stake;

"President Paternoster in following the counsel to adapt the new church handbook of instructions to local needs would like to remind members of the following statement in section 21.1.6 of book 2.   

"Church members should not seek the autographs of General Authorities or Area Seventies including signing in their scriptures, hymnals or programs.  Doing so detracts from their sacred calling and the spirit of meetings.  It could also prevent them from meeting other members. Members should not take photographs of General Authorities or Area Seventies in chapels."

In the spirit of this statement the stake presidency with support from the high council has decided that from this time forth this policy will also apply to the stake president.  In this way he will not be hindered in the performance of his sacred duties.

Following these policies will help bring this stake closer to the Lord and the example he has set for us.

All in favor please manifest by the uplifted right hand.  If there are any opposed please manifest it in like manner."

I am pleased to report that the high council members have all reported back to me and the votes were unanimous in the affirmative.   


J said...

It must be tough to refrain from signing your nearly-apostolic autograph for your flock. It is surely a tough burden for them to bear. But we all have our crosses.

I remember fondly an experience when I shook the hand of an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ - Elder Russell M. Nelson (or maybe it was M. Russell Ballard - I get them mixed up). Anyways, I remember feeling that I was shaking the hand of a apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, who had probably shaken the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ. I also had him sign my copy of my scriptures. When I am in need of an extra measure of inspiration, I will turn to his signature in my scriptures, and i know the Lord's messenger is near.

Anonymous said...

This is your best post so far.
I know it must be hard for the members in your stake not to be awestruck in your presence but if they understood the great work you have to do they resist the urge to follow you around with camera and BOM's to be signed.

Sis. Daniels

Stake Pres. said...
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Anonymous said...

Is this real? This can't be real, is this satire?

Anonymous said...

Thank you President Paternoster, I have found that sometimes I forget that the leaders of my ward and stake have been anointed and blessed with a closer relationship to our Heavenly Father than I have. I need to remember to obey and respect them as well as all of the men who have the preisthood. I admit it is a hard lesson to learn as a young women in these last days. Thank you for making me remember my place in his eternal plan.

Harry Burns said...

most of my stake presidents have been too busy perfecting their fake smile to actually sign anything. but seriously...people want that? humans are idiots!

Bruno said...


Anonymous said...

I left a comment the other day but I have never got a response my question is can I be sealed to two men my first husband is deceased and my fiance and I want to be sealed to each other my first husband and I were going to be divorced but then he passed away and we had our children sealed to us but is there anyway that I can dissolve the Temple marriage and be sealed to my second husband and still be sealed to my children

Matthew Mecham said...

You are worried about things that simply do not matter. Rather than agonizing about whatever lies beyond this life (which Mormon leaders want you to do), focus on the life you are living NOW, and just enjoy your family.