Monday, December 12, 2011

Keeping Christmas day Holy

Dear readers I must apologize as I didn’t have time to write a blog post this week.  This probably won't be of any interest to you but for those with a few minutes to spare I will share the email I sent on Friday December 2nd to all unit leaders in my stake:

Dear Bishops/Branch Presidents,

Please read the following announcement in your respective units during sacrament meeting over the next two Sundays: 

“During this season of joy and peace the Stake Presidency would ask that we keep in mind the real purpose of Christmas which is to spend as much time as possible thinking about, worshipping and following the example of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  With this in mind we are delighted to announce that unlike some stakes of Zion we will be offering the full three hour block on the Sunday of December 25th.

Local leaders are working with the stake to prepare a very special Sabbath day of worship that will include the following: 

·     Sacrament meeting talks on the topic of peace taken from the Christmas edition of the Ensign.  For this we will concentrate on the article highlighted on the Ensign’s cover page entitled *"Tithing: A Key to Peace in a Troubled World".  From this inspiring article we will learn from one faithful family how “At times it was tempting to use our tithing for bills or groceries, but we trusted in the Lord and submitted the tithing to our bishop instead" and from another family who speaking of their tithing dollars declared "That money could have gone toward medications, but we knew we would be blessed for paying our tithing."

·     Following Sacrament Meeting you will not want to miss Sunday School lesson **number 45 which will involve an important discussion on the frightening events of the latter days as foretold by John in the book of Revelation.  (Members will recall that we already had a lesson on the birth of Christ on the ***3rd Sunday of January this year).

·     With it being the fourth Sunday of the month the Priesthood and Relief Society meetings will involve a discussion on a talk given at the October General Conference.  We are pleased to announce that we have picked the ****address from our beloved prophet Thomas S. Monson entitled ’Dare to Stand Alone’ for this special occasion.   

We would ask all present to please keep in mind that there are many who will not be thinking of Christ this Christmas; they will likely be at home opening gifts, cooking large meals on the Sabbath, partaking of wine and strong drink and doing all manner of things of which the Lord would not approve.  Please take the opportunity to invite these friends, neighbours and any non member family members visiting with you over the holidays to attend our three hour block of worship that they too may enjoy the true spirit and meaning of Christmas.  


The Stake Presidency”



Brother Heber said...

President, this is truly an answer to my fast and prayer. I have been waiting for the Lord God to send me a sign if I should move my family to your stake where I would receive more support for my divine calling as an Apostle of the Lord.
Just yesterday I submitted a formal complaint to our Area President because our Stake President announced we would only have one hour of church on Christmas. What has happened to our leaders today? Surely this church will perish and wither on the vine if true leaders (such as you and I) are not called as Apostles soon to right the sinking ship.
I testify that the Christ Child wants that we fully partake of the blessings of three hour block.

Ibowedmyheadandsaidyes said...

That will do.

Joseph K. Packer said...

Amazingly beautiful experience to read your post this week dear president. I rejoice in obeying my leaders and in paying a just tithing and offerings and giving of my time to the Lord's cause. My family is now going through a lot of financial difficulty since I lost my job and our suppplies of food are running out. I was able to work for 4 hours on Saturday, I was offered to work on Sunday but lives the Lord almighty I refused! and did pay a just tithing and a generous fast offerings, and missionary fund, and general fund, and book of mormon, and Humanitarian aid, and local church budget, and temple construction, and perpetual education, and a generous donation to the young local females org. I was left with 5% of my earnings but even though my children are starving and one of them needs pain medication to relieve the excruciating pain of an infection in his leg that was not treated because we had no money to buy antibiotics and exacerbated because we made him work in some bishop's projects that included a lot of walking and carrying heavy weight. And we did this so he could exercise his faith. The many blessings he has received from priesthood holder have not worked but that is because he has no faith. So he will probably die very soon a horrifying and painful death, but we glory in our God and in THomas S. Monson who will keep him in heaven...I know that my redeemer lives and that if I follow the prophet follow the prophet follow the prophet I will not go astray. I say these things in the sacred name of Joseph Smith and Helen Mar Kimbal and the other 32 wives, Amen

Anonymous said...

President you are being silly. On Christmas and Easter every LDS member knows we talk about "Pioneers" and "Tithing". Jesus gets the nod in the opening and closing prayers.

tweedmeister said...

Thank you! I will show this to my bishop, who as thus far only wants to have one hour of church on Christmas. I will print off these words and remind him that we are celebrating the 23 December birth of Joseph Smith, and how truncating this important holiday in favor of the family members we see everyday is a mistake, indeed. I want to encourage him to devote the day to the memory of Joseph Smith in both word and song. As we go to Sunday school and to priesthood and Relief Society meetings, let us hear further lessons on the man who will greet us in the Afterlife and decide our fates.

I will also be diverting all the money I had originally intended to give to the community's food pantry for the poor. I now feel so guilty to have contemplated that nutty idea, when the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also continues to keep its collective hand outstretched in my direction. I need to pray and humbly ask for Joseph's pardon that I may be found blameless in the Last Day.

Verle Jensensen said...

Thank you, President Paternoster. I have been struggling with my tithing situation during this blessed season and once again, you have so righteously pointed me in the sensible direction. I have already spent my budgeted gift allowance. Since I felt a bit guilty for not inviting my 80-year-old in-laws to our righteously reverent Thanksgiving dinner, I was going to go ahead and spend this season's tithing money on a really lovely gift for them. After all, they are truly kind and generous people -- but after reading your post I have reconsidered. Instead, they will receive an "almost new" copy of the Book of Mormon. I really think this is the best gift I could give (it's my spare one, barely used, it only has a few tear-stained pages and a dog-chewed back cover.)

Anonymous said...

President, I applaud your decision to emphasize the peace that flows from paying tithes to the Lord's one true church so that His one true prophets and apostles can use them as they see fit in sacred non-disclosure. Anyone who has money to buy frivolous gifts for their children surely has funds to ensure that, first and foremost, the church's ledgers are ample. As for me and my house, my dear wife and I have informed our young children that because of our family's tight financial situation, there won't be any money left for presents after paying tithing. They reacted tearfully with what I can only assume were tears of joy. Since the Father has already given us the greatest Gift of all, even His Only Begotten Son to suffer, bleed, and die on the cross, what more could our children want? We are happy to show our small token of gratitude for that Gift by makIng our required tithing payment. And we have faith that sacrificing our children's materialistic gifts will make this a Christmas that our children will never be able to forget. Your brother in the Gospel,

Marlin F. Christiansen

Troy said...

As a brother in Zion, my lovely bride and I, prayerfully considered how we would celebrate Christmas this year. We have a few modest gifts to present one to another (I got my wife a new pair of silky, sexy garments) and the children an orange, a toothbrush and a piece of sugarless hard candy. I struggled with exchanging these items on Saturday as we should be getting ready for Sunday; Sunday because it is the Sabbath; and Monday, because we have FHE, Tuesday because I have scout troop committee meeting, Wednesday I have mutual, Thursday is Enrichment, and Friday is Temple-Date night. I am not sure which day we should exchange our modest gifts; I would hate to feel unworthy in doing so, but we have covenanted all things to the Lord, our time talents and all things which the Lord hath blessed us. When would the President suggest we worthily exchange our modest, humble gifts?

Anonymous said...


This site is NOT run by a stake president of the Church. Rather, this site is farce, and not good farce, at that.

Caveat utilitor.

Brother Mobegone said...

Oh how lovely was the morning! Praise to the man! If you could hie to Kolob, would you ever find a President so righteous as our beloved President Paternoster?

As second counselor in a bishopbric, I testify that it is hard to lead righteously in these latter days. I will be going to my bishop and counselling him to make our block three hours as well.

In the name of him, yea even him who communed with the man, even him who dwells on high near Kolob.


Verle Jensensen said...

For those unrighteous souls that doubt our dear President Paternoster as a true and worthy Stake President, I'll have you know that he is MY Stake President. There is your proof.

If I am stating an untruth, may the Lord strike me dead right now. Go ahead. Right now.

See, I am still alive and typing.
Well, I must go ready my Parchesi game in reparation for FHE.

John "Cludgie" Privy-Jakes said...

***NOTE to the "Anonymous" above, who wrote ***NOTE TO THE READER OF THIS BLOG*** ***

Gentle reader,
I have been acquainted with Stake President Paternoster for some time and have served side-by-side through challenging callings. Bill and I are also in the same Amway line. Come to think of it, he and I are also in the same MonaVie line, as well. AND the same Nu Skin line. He is a True Stake President of God, and I exhort you to give strict heed to his counsels.

Please do not judge harshly and erroneously. I urge you to pay your tithing, pray to heavenly father, and learn obedience.


Bishop John "Cludgie" Privy-Jakes
Toppenish 6th Ward, Toppenish, WA

Iron Chancellor said...

Oh how I wish me and my family dwelt within the boundaries of your steak. I feel it must be near to being raised into the heavens like, um....that other righteous place back in them olden times that was so righteous they was lifted to the heavens. My ward and steak will only meet for sacrament mtg. Me and my wife have been in error because we take our family to midnight mass at the great and abomonable church to try to make our christmas more special and christlike. Can we be forgiven for this? We just don't think that talking about Joseph Smith all day on xmas was the way to celebate Jesus. Maybe we are wrong. Tithing and Joseph Smth probably are good ways to celebate the birth of our savior.
Anyway I think that I can follow your example. After our ward meets for a flunky hour for sacrament meeting we can come home and have our kids sit by the tree for the next two hours and we can play Gernral Conference CD's. Maybe then we can have a testimony meeting and then open our presents. What a spirit filled day that would be. I'm sure my kids will never forget it.
Thank you President Patenoster, you have made me see the errors of my ways and a way to repent and do better. No more great and abomonble midnight mass for me and my kids. We can have the spirit at our home with church products and testimonies.

Your faithful brother in Christ.

Brother Heber said...

Yours is a great question. Surely the Lord God will make time if you put his church first. At times we may feel that all our time is taken up by church meetings and activities. I bear testimony that the Lord will provide time. I found time in our schedule by better planning my day using a Franklin Covey planner purchased at the Lord's bookstore even Deseret books.

This will only work if you use an authorized Franklin Covey planner from Deseret books. Planning tools such as iPads and other unauthorized day planners will not be properly blessed and consecrated to find you the time you need around building the kingdom of Zion.
I hope this helps.
Your future Apostle,
Brother Heber

Cindy said...

Wow, what a wake up call to remind us that Christmas is not about us but about the Lord. I have to admit it would be hard to spend 3hrs at church on Christmas day and I'm relived that my ward is not doing that but now that I have read your blog I feel a little guilty about it. We do try to make Christmas about Christ as much as we can. We always read all the Christmas related scriptures (including the foretelling of Christ's birth by Samuel the lamanite) and we have the children act out the Christmas story (they like that part the best) before opening any gifts. However, after reading your blog I feel with Christmas being on the Sabbath we should be doing more. I've always enjoyed reading your blogs but right now I'm feeling a little depressed about the whole situation.

Dr. Rangi said...

As a medical man, I truly enjoy the majesty and wonder of the Christmas season. My mind hearkens back to the blessed time, nine months before the glorious birth of the infant Saviour in a lowly manger. I have been blessed to be present at the births of many children, as well as the conception of nine (of my own) children.

Generally, humans conceive by allogamy (cross-fertilization), with autogamy (self-fertilization) generally being the domain of plants and a few primitive animals. Is the birth of our baby Lord the one exception in the record books of allogamy in humans?

Alas, this is not likely the case. For it was our once glorious Prophet, even the man who temporarily took the form of an even greater man, even Joseph Smith Jr, who said: "there is no act, no principle, no power belonging to the Deity that is not purely philosophical. The birth of the Saviour was as natural as are the births of our children; it was the result of natural action. He partook of flesh and blood—was begotten of his Father, as we were of our fathers" (Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, 8 July 1860). It is unfortunate, as The Lancet is quite eager to publish these medical anomalies.

I hazard to guess that the current mouthpiece of the Lord would not openly spout such Celestial doctrine, for fear that the filling of baptismal fonts would cause a worldwide drought. I hope that the five year statute of limitations on all of the teachings of the Brethren, preached by Legal Eagle in a comment on a previous post, is true doctrine.

Troy said...

We are having birthday cake for the sacrament in honor of Joseph Smith's birthday, to honor the true holiness. Get it right president; I am offended.

Kolobian™ said...


This being an official LDS site I have no fear of sharing the following sacred experience with you and my faithful Latter-Day Saint brethren and sisters:

As you know (from several lengthy phone conversations) I have been struggling in my marriage for quite a while, and you promised me in the name of Jesus Christ that if I keep the commandments and walk up to every covenant that I've made in the temple the Lord will bless my home with the spirit.

How right you were! After reading this blog on this site on this very morning I called my wife to tell her to cancel the Christmas trip we had been planning because we were going to use that money to donate to the Lord instead to do with as he pleases.

President, she was so overwhelmed with the spirit that I could barely understand her. Through the gift of discernment I knew she was pleased.

When I returned home I discovered that my children were so overjoyed they had locked themselves in their room and had been feeling the spirit for hours.

My wife is still feeling the spirit even now. I must say, the spirit is so strong in this house we've run out of tissue paper.

Thank you, President Paternoster!

Brigham Taft Pratt said...

Brothers and Sisters, our Dear Stake President really has blessed us with a timely message today. I have no doubt that President Paternoster is truly a man of God. Three hours of church is barely enough time as it is and I feel sorry for all of those who will have to spend less time at the church on Christmas.

Brother Verle Jensensen, thank you for your inspiring story about giving your used Book of Mormon to your in-laws for Christmas. What better gift can one give? Your story inspired me to lovingly counsel my wife to deliver Book of Mormons to our neighbours rather than the cookies she traditionally gives out at this time of year. At first she resisted but I reminded her of her covenent to hearken to my righteous counsel and she nodded in acceptence. Man, I love seeing the spirit work in people's lives. Anyway, I actually printed off a little note for her to include with each Book of Mormon and I thought I'd share. Here it is:

"Dear Neighbour,
Have you ever wondered why Brigham and I are so happy? Do you want to learn how to live life to the fullest like us? Within the pages of this Book of Mormon you will find many stories that will fill your life with meaning and joy. Although fictional stories about Santa and Reindeer can fill you with temporary happiness, the true histories in this most correct book on earth will bring lasting joy. For example, within the pages of this true history, you will read about a group of people who traveled to America from the Old world thousands of years ago. They came in wooden submarines lit by glowing rocks. They even brought livestock with them. They spent an entire year in these vessels and were tossed around and flipped upside down over and over again before they arrived. When they finally arrived they built up a great civilization in America before forming two opposing factions and slaughtering every last man woman and child on either side. The Jaredite story in the Book of Mormon teaches us about the amazing things we can do if we just have faith. This is just one of the many beautiful and historically accurate stories this book has to offer. I know that this book will bless your life if you will just read it. At this Christmas time we pray that you will be willing to learn more about Joseph Smith and all he has done for your salvation. We would be more than happy to discuss things with you further over a cup of hot chocolate. Let us know. Love,

The Pratts"

What do you guys think? Way better than cookies if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I of course wholeheartedly concur with brothers Jensensen and Pratt in their righteous zeal to share the blessings of the Book of Mormon. Brother Jensensen's example of thrifty re-use of a Book of Mormon already in his possession is particularly praiseworthy in these difficult economic times, as we all tighten our belts in an effort to maximize our tithes and offerings.

In the same spirit, I feel that it would be well to highlight at this time a certain previous counsel shared with us by President Paternoster, that the Book of Abraham is another valued item in the missionary toolbox. For members struggling to economize and running short of used copies of the Book of Mormon, surplus used copies of the Book of Abraham can allow a family's limited funds to stretch even farther.

In the case of copies of the Book of Abraham that are bound together with the Book of Moses, Doctrine and Covenants, etc., the Spirit may whisper that it is best not to overwhelm with excess. In such cases, I have full confidence that the sisters of the Relief Society possess the necessary skills with art supplies, needle and thread, construction paper, library paste, crayons, glitter, etc. to excise the Book of Abraham's pages from their current binding and present them anew between new, attractive, attention-getting, heart-selling covers.

Joseph K. Packer said...

I am Tired...Tired I tell you of those anti-mormons that come to this website to criticize our fearless leader. I boldly tell anonymous: It is wrong to criticize the leaders of the church even if the criticism is true! I damn you with the power of the Priesthood after the order of Melchizedech which I possess and shake off the dust of my sandals to you! You will be damn I tell You! YOU WILL BE DAMN!!!

Emma Snyde said...

I have used my superior spirituality as a woman to convince my husband and family to stop celebrating Christmas on December 25 altogether. Christmas is really just a pagan Roman holiday meshed with some "Christian" legends that formed during the great apostasy. It does not have much to do with the birth of Christ at all, which is really on the 6th of April.

In light of this knowledge, our family celebrates Smithmas on Dec. 23. We sing traditional Smithmas carols like "Praise to the Man" and "We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet" and "Follow the Prophet." We decorate a Tree of Life with white and delightsome fruits. Then we exchange homemade gifts that we pull out of a hat. It is a lovely time of year we all look forward to. It also leaves Dec. 25 free for all our church meetings and activities!

On April 6th we usually are busy listing to General Conference, so we don't have an actual celebration for the birth of Christ, but I'm sure we are doing exactly what He would want us to do at that time: sleep...uh...gather in front of the TV for the insipid messages of our living prophets.

Oh, and about my superior spirituality as a woman thing. Yeah, don't think that I'm not a humble subservient woman. No, far from it. I just realize from the words of various church leaders that there will be more women in the Celestial Kingdom than men. I'ts just common sense since each man will have who knows how many wives. So, women on average must be more spiritual and righteous than the average man in the church. Maybe I'm thinking too much. That does get me in trouble some times. Also, I might divert too much oxygen from my baby making parts.

Brigham Taft Pratt said...

Joseph K. Packer,
The problem with these anti-mormons is that they leave the church, but they can't leave it alone. It's like they think the church screwed with their minds and they feel the need to vent about it as a form of recovery. As we all know, the church would never "screw" with people's minds. If someone has a problem with the church, they are the problem; they must be sinning, be offended, or lack faith. The church is perfect and has never done anything wrong, ever! So to all you "antis" who choose to come here and judge President Paternoster I say, please come back to the truth. Don't let bitterness and sin prevent you from being truly happy. We hope to see you at church this Sunday. In the name of him who appeared to Joseph four different ways as part of the first vision, yeah, even Jesus Christ, Amen.

Brigham Taft Pratt said...

President, sorry for taking up so much space on the blog. I have become like that crazy woman who gets up for 20 minutes and talks about questionable miracles at every fast and testimony meeting. You know what I'm talking about, every ward has at least one.

Spencer said...

Church leaders are being surprisingly redundant here...that's a first.

The rank and file members STILL must not get that Jesus Christ has a prominent place every sunday, not just Christmas...preceded by "In the name of" at the end of every talk.

Verle Jensensen said...

Brother Anonymous,
What an idea you have there. My heck... I just happen to have 3 or 4 gently used Books of Abraham stored under our sink somewhere. I especially love that blessed, unvarnished book and I don't know why I didn't think of bundling it in as a bonus gift. I think that I'll give them as gifts to my Catholic co-workers. Maybe today I can make a trip to the DI and Savers to procure some more Books of Mormon, as I am fresh out.
The Lord loves trash to treasure — and so do I, for hell sakes. Just now, I'm fashioning a garbage can out of rolled up covers of old Ensign magazines. It's so colorful. Let me know if you want instructions.

Verle Jensensen said...

And to you Brother Brigham, I hate to admit this, but I cried after reading your post. You have no idea of the joy you've brought to my already too-happy life.
To know that my humble idea has spread to another and will — as a result — make your neighbors happier than they ever knew they could be... it's the highest honor. And to think you were almost going to give cookies. Phew. I have a feeling that the Heavenly Father is smiling down on both of us especially brightly today.

Mahonri Kimball said...

President P;

Thank you for discussing the important points in the Christmas edition of the Ensign.

I have not subscribed to the Ensign for the past several years. I depend on my (infrequent) Home Teachers to pass on any new revelation that may come along. (I grew weary of reading the same rehashed material over and over.) I figure that if/when God sees fit to bless us with further light and knowledge, it will come from his established means of communication which he utilized to reveal that Negroes are now eligible for full fellowship. (KSL TV)

Reading your blog each week is like getting a Home Teaching message every week. I trust that you will discuss any new revelations that come along in case I miss them on the Channel 5 news, or in case my Home Teachers should neglect their rounds.

LaNephi Morgood said...

My family and I decided after much prayer and fasting that we would give an extra 10%, yea even 20%, for our tithing offering this month in honor of the birth of our lord and savior, Jos.. er.. Jesus Christ, this holiday season.

As the family’s patriarch and priesthood holder, I received a feeling, a feeling that I divined as revelation. And while I knew that heeding this revelation would be difficult, it was surly from the lord, otherwise why would I have been inspired with this feeling to give the lord’s one true church an additional 10%. There is no other explanation.

And while I will not be given an accounting of how my tithing will be used, I know that the lord’s servants will treat it sacredly and use it for only holy purposes, and that none of my tithing will be used for purposes the lord would not approve of.

I wrote out that check, confident that the windows of heaven would open and we as family would receive blessings, yea blessings in such abundance that there would not be room enough to receive them. I placed this check in a sacred tithing envelope and affixed it with a Salt Lake Temple magnet onto our refrigerator, next to a picture of the first presidency, and the holy mall. I did this as a symbol, a symbol of our family’s faith that although the shelves inside that refrigerator are now bare, we know with a surety of knowledge that once that check is in the hands of the bishop, we would receive food, yea more food than our shelves could hold and our bellies would be filled.

Brothers and sisters, that next Sunday when I went to retrieve that check, it was nowhere to be found. Horrified, I knelt in prayer and asked my dear Father, yea even that Father who dwells in yonder heavens, where that check might be. No sooner had I risen from my knees, was I impressed to check the inside pocket of my suit coat, the suit waiting to go to the cleaners. Brother and sisters, I testify that the check was there! The lord truly works in mysterious ways. Of this I testify.

LaNephi Morgood

Bishop Privy-Jakes said...

I was saddened to learn that the anti-Mormon band was attacking your website and trying, as usual, to bring down the True Church. I know Heavenly Father loves you and blesses your work. Do not let this get you down. If you but follow the pattern laid down by The Brethren--pay, pray, and obey (and usually in that order)--things will look up for you and your work will be blessed.

God be with you in this important work.

Yours as always,
Bishop John Privy-Jakes
Toppenish, WA, USA

Anonymous said...


This is not a website sanctioned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Most of the posts here are written by quasi-apostates who mock those who are sincerely striving, albeit imperfectly, to follow Jesus.


You've read 1 Nephi 8:27-28, right? Do you understand what this means?

Brother Mobegone said...


Why do you continue to speak ill of the Lord's annointed? I am guessing you have a problem with masturbation.

As second counselor in a bishopbric, I call you to repentance as invite you back into the fold.

Brother Mobegone

D. R. T. Sanchez said...

President Paternoster - I just love, love, LOVE your new photograph. That old one didn't capture the Holy Stake President that we of your flock all know and love. I just wish that we could spend 12 hours in meetings this Christmas - it would be so much better spending that entire day celebrating Joseph Smith's birthday week rather than watching that same crass movie replaying all day on WTBS - Just what exactly is a double-dog dare anyway. Yes, Jesus is good too, but this day should really be about Joseph Smith.

Rhoda said...

Dear Anonymous,

I am familiar with this scripture, as I'm sure most if not all of the humble servants of the master here are. I am confused as to usage of it in this context however, as we here to sup upon our beloved Stake President's words.

And it seems the only one in fine apparel, mocking and pointing and laughing... is you? Is it you who doesn't understand the meaning of this beautiful, fear-mongering verse?

I bow my head humbly in the name of our lord and master, amen and amen.


Mahonri Kimball said...

27 And it was filled with people, both old and young, both male and female; and their manner of dress was exceedingly fine; and they were in the attitude of mocking and pointing their fingers towards those who had come at and were partaking of the fruit.

28 And after they had tasted of the fruit they were ashamed, because of those that were scoffing at them; and they fell away into forbidden paths and were lost.


In the name of Jesus Christ our Savior I rebuke you. Do you not see that it is you that is doing the finger pointing? Why do you mock the true followers of the Church? Can you not see that President Paternoster leads in the way of all righteousness? Can you point out a single teaching or reference that he has not accurately communicated here?

There are some of us in the Church that do not pick and choose which teachings to believe and which ones to ignore. Some of us feel it is important to follow ALL the teachings of our modern prophets. Just because there are some of the teachings discussed here that you do not personally find to be appropriate or useful in their application, please do not question the sincerity of those of who CHOOSE to believe.

You are obviously ashamed of the true teachings of the one true and living Church. You are the one who is falling away because you are too ashamed of the teachings of our leaders to take them literally!

I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. I reach out to you with a hand of fellowship and invite you to read every message of President Paternoster and READ the references he gives. If you find a single one that is not a true and legitimate reference, please point it out so that we all can be guided to the straight and narrow path.

I will say that on first reading some of these things do seem rather ridiculous. When I look deeper though, I learn that these are all true principles that I should have known. I am not ashamed to believe things that appear to the world (and to you apparently) to be ridiculous.

God has obviously inspired you to quote the above scripture so that you may reflect further on its meaning, and realize that he is telling YOU not to be ashamed of the teachings of the Church.

Study and pray and the Lord will bless you with a warm feeling inside when you think about these things.

Brigham Taft Pratt said...

Thank you Anon for sharing the beautiful passage from 1 Nephi with us. Although you are clearly confused on the nature of this blog, I commend you for sharing a verse from the most true book on earth with us.

Every time I read that passage from Nephi it reminds me of the time I traveled to Salt Lake for conference in 2002. It was amazing to me how great and spacious the conference center was. I was also really impressed by all of the well dressed people that descended upon that building. During a break between sessions I walked up to the garden terrace on top of the conference center and looked down at the streets below. There were probably a thousand of us up there at one time. When we noticed a group of anti-mormons down on the street we pointed and laughed at them. Those people seemed so deluded to us. Isn't it nice to be one of the elect anon? We truly were among the noble and great in the pre-earth life. Isn't it marvelous? Isn't it wonderful?

Brigham Taft Pratt said...

President Paternoster,
I absolutely love your new picture. Please continue to share the good news of the gospel with us. I really do appreciate that you reference official church publications in all of your postings. You have to be very careful these days about the types of websites you visit. There are many people out there who would love to hide these precious truths from the world. Thank you again for the service you render to this worthy cause. I would also like to thank your wife for all she does. Behind every great man there is a great woman!

Kolobian™ said...


I must say, something is different about your picture. It's your countenance.

Did you receive your second anointing during the past week? Have you had your calling and election made sure? The spirit whispers to me that this must be so. There's no other explanation.

Bless you, President Paternoster. You are truly a light shining in the darkness. It's too bad the darkness comprehendeth you not. Oh well, that's what baptism for the dead is for, am I right?

Emma Snyde said...

I just keep noticing people who post on our dear righteous President's blog who seem to be intent on destroying the Lord's work.

While this proof of the existence of Satan and his followers saddens me, it also strengthens my testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel of the Restoration and the work of our beloved stake president.

The very fact that revered President Paternoster has posters who oppose his sacred blog proves that he is doing the will of the Lord. Do we not read in the holy scriptures that there must needs be opposition in all things?

President, do not let the minions of Satan distract you from magnifying your holy calling and responsibility. Your sheep hear your voice and obey your call.

I do have a question,if I may. When I read at certain "church sanctioned" websites or youtube channels, I find no opposition whatsoever in the comments. I wonder why? OH, WOW! The Holy Ghost just whispered to me in His still small voice that no opposition is present on these sites because they are protected by the Three Nephites who diligently search them and remove Satan's comments. They do this so that investigators may more easily feel the Spirit and be inspired to enter the waters of baptism, yea, even the gateway path to true Mormonism and salvation. Yes, this makes perfect sense.

Thank you, Joseph Smith, President Paternoster and Heavenly Father!

Emma Snyde said...

By the way, I love your new photo. You look even more Christlike than before.

Molly said...

I would love to hear you instruct us regarding The Three Nephites. I have done much scripture study on this subject but have had trouble understanding why they would be granted immortality yet only seem to show up to change flat tires for Mormons stranded by the side of the road. Can you expound on this matter? I sincerely value your spiritual insight.

Stake Pres. said...

Thank you all for your wonderful and inspiring comments. Molly I agree that a post on The Three Nephites is in order. I have thus far refrained from talking about them as some of my experiences are just too sacred to discuss openly.