Monday, September 19, 2011

Are YOU worthy to attend BYU?

Brothers and Sisters do you consider yourself to be worthy to attend BYU?  

The standards of worthiness at BYU go beyond those required to enter the temple.  This form explains the standards of the BYU Honour Code to which you can compare your life.  It also has instructions for Bishops in giving Ecclesiastical Endorsements to students attending this fine institution:

As per the link the annual endorsement interview is to ensure that the student has remained worthy to attend BYU.   In order to be considered worthy students have to be committed to the code which includes dress and grooming standards, not allowing members of the opposite sex to use your bathroom in non emergency situations, abstinence from activities of a homosexual nature, tea, the looking at pictures of persons in the nude and other important policies.

Students are required to personally sign the form which states in part “I understand what the Honour Code is and that my obligation is to live all aspects of the Honour Code, both on and off campus and between semesters.”

Living the Honour Code off campus and between semesters is the part that as a Bishop I would always pay particular attention to.  One single sister called Sinéad would come home for the summer and every time I would see her she was disobeying the code by having “Excessive ear piercing” which is described in the form as "more than one earring per ear".  To add to this excessiveness, while her skirts went just below the knee as specified I noticed that one particular skirt of hers had slits that went ever so slightly above the knee which can cause all sorts of problems for the priesthood.  Needless to say when she asked for my ecclesiastical endorsement I was unable in good conscience to give it.

I had a similar situation with Sean who also seemed to think that when he was away from BYU he had the right to blatantly disobey the dress and grooming standards of the Honour Code.   One time I couldn’t help but notice that his hair was partially covering the top of his ear.  This is expressly emphasized in the code where it states that for men “Hairstyles should be trimmed above the collar leaving the ear uncovered”.  It was a shame as I had always thought of him as being such an obedient young man.    

Kerry seemed in all aspects to be worthy to attend BYU but towards the end of the interview I told her that while I can’t pinpoint precisely why, the spirit has warned me not to sign the piece of paper.  I asked her why this might be.  She broke down in tears and admitted to having secretly had her belly button pierced.  She said that she knew it was wrong and that Satan had deceived her into thinking that as a married 25 year old mother of two children she should be able to make these decisions for herself.  I am happy to report that after a short period of repentance Kerry was able to return to BYU having missed only one semester. 

Brothers and Sisters, Brigham Young University is the envy of the world.  Its high moral standards are only matched by the quality of the education found therein.  Two current apostles have served as presidents of BYU namely Dallin H. Oaks and Jeffrey R. Holland.  My friend and fellow servant of the Lord Cecil O. Samuelson is the current president and has been a Church General Authority since 1994.  The standards at BYU are approved of the Lord and I have shared them with the members of my stake with the counsel that the principles found therein will bring joy and happiness to all, if heeded.  May we all enjoy the blessings of free agency as we obey the Lord with exactness; this is my prayer, in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Spencer said...

I think it's only appropriate that BYU students live a standard of worthiness even higher than required to enter the holy temple itself.

Think about it. ANYONE can get their work done in the temple if you wait long enough. Deceased family, ancestors, holocaust victims, Elvis...the list goes on.

But BYU...The lord has preserved a special, higher standard of morality and honor for the young single adult members of his church, which serves as proof that he loves them even more for being so elect.

Not everyone can get the grades to get in BYU, whereas my temple prep class was cake. And frankly, some students are just plain too white or local to get in. So it all makes perfect sense when you view it through the eye of faith.

Just keep the other eye closed, it's the bad one.

kolobian said...

I agree, wholeheartedly, Brother Spencer.

Allow me to share my experience of not being worthy to attend YBU:

As a youth I was weak in my determination to live gospel standards. I constantly ditched classes, did not attend seminary, and rarely partook of the sacrament.

However, when it was time to serve a mission I was quickly ushered through the application process, given a temple recommend, and sent to the temple. I received the washing; the anointing; the new name; the names, signs, and tokens of both priesthoods; and successfully passed through the veil into the victorian hotel lobby we know as the sacred celestial room.

I then served a mission where I was placed in leadership positions, baptised many souls, and learned a foreign language.

However, when I returned home and applied to the YBU admissions office I was weighed, measured, and quickly found wanting. My torment will never end. For the rest of my life I will regret my levity in high school and weap, wail, yea even gnash my teeth at the thought that I was not deemed worthy to attend the one true university of our god.

For those reading this who wish to attend the lord's university, please, PLEASE, stay worthy; follow the counsel of the lord's anointed; pay your tithing; do not defile yourself; and pray and read your scriptures. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Anonymous said...

President Pasternoter
I am a little worried that BYU-Utah's standards have slipped. I have heard that their students are allowed to wear modest, knee-length shorts. Frankly, This is wrong. I think that we should follow the dress code of BYU-Idaho instead. This will help us avoid the very appearance of evil. Here is what BYUI's honor code states is appropriate dress for women:

"Pants, slacks or jeans should not be patched, faded, frayed or torn and must be ankle length—no capris or shorts may be worn on campus."

I have a testimony that capris are of the devil. Whenever I see a woman in capris, it makes me have lustful thoughts. I hope that BYU-Utah can follow BYUI's code and have all their female students burn their capris in a large bonfire so that no ankles can be seen anywhere on campus.

Anonymous said...

"May we all enjoy the blessings of free agency as we obey the Lord with exactness; this is my prayer..."

Thank you for saying this so clearly, President Paternoster. Increasingly I find that people see free agency from the highly disturbing point of view that they have an actual *choice* in what they believe and how they live their life rather than that they *choose* to simply do what they are told to do by their inspired leaders such as yourself, President. How could they be so deluded?

Anonymous said...

My secret to getting into YBU/Breed 'Em Young/BYWoo was to transfer as a junior because of all the idiotic freshwomen and sophomores who dropped out to get their Mrs. degree. I went to get My B.A and I GRADUATED. :-D

ibowedmyheadandsaidyes said...

I was blessed with the sacred and holy opportunity to attend the Lord's university. Alas, I could not maintain the standards of righteousness expected to continue.

Because of my own weakness in not adhering to the standards of BYU righteousness I was not allowed to take my College Algebra final exam at the testing center.

I know this explanation will appear as weakness and full of excuses, but I was awake ALL of the previous night studying for this exam because it was my last. Before I left for the testing center I forgot, in my exhausted state of mind, to shave what stubble had grown in on my young chin over night. I was told I could not enter because the amount of stubble on my chin made me unworthy to enter the testing center of the Lord.

By the time I got home (I lived off campus), shaved, and was able to return, it was too late to enter the testing center because they were closing.

If only I had not committed this sin of omission and forgotten to shave before I left the first time, I would have aced my final exam and finished my four years at BYU with honor...I know this with every fiber of my being. As it was, I ended up on academic probation and was ex-communicated from the Lord's University.

I would exhort ALL young persons with the aspiration and dream of attending BYU to remember to NEVER forget the standards of righteousness. Your best effort is not enough. You MUST be perfect to remain in the Lord's University.

In the name of Christmas Eve,


Donna Banta said...

President Paternoster, when I went to BYU, the honor code was way lax. There was no mention of porn, piercings, slit skirts, or bathroom usage. I'm glad to hear that has changed! Because when was a student I always wore slit skirts and navel rings. Also I spent most of my time in in my male friends' bathrooms looking at porn!

Anonymous said...

Please note that this blog is a fake. President Paternoster has been searched and is not a church leader in the LDS church. This is a made-up alias with the intent to mislead which uses a stolen altered picture of Ed Madden; a journalist for the Irish Medical Times (picture is flipped and hair is added).

See picture reference:

As long as this blog is operational we will attempt to work with Ed Madden, Blogger and Facebook to file copyright and defamation charges.

Stray Mutt said...

Brother ibowedmyheadandsidyes, you learned that day the true purpose of the testing center is to test your worthiness, not your knowledge of algebra. While algebra may be of use when, as a god, you create worlds without number, it is all for naught if you fail to qualify for that godhood.

Michael Carpenter said...

Regarding your story of Kerry; that's some fine discernment going on there President P. Better than any of my own priesthood leaders. Perhaps I should move into your stake.

Joseph K. Packer said...

I thin that the university of the Lord is lowering its standard by accepting members of that race that as our prophet John Taylor said represent Satan on earth. Or as Bruce R. McConkie said were weak and non-active during the war of heaven.

Elise said...

My very own mother was kicked out of BYU in the 60's for being accused of leading an underground communist group that was spying on the elders. (she was innocent, it was her cousin instead) Ever since that time, she made her children go to the U of U, and never set foot at BYU. Perhaps my life would be so much more worthy of the celestial kingdom if she wouldn't have worn trenchcoats and shades on campus and looked like a red commie.

kolobian said...

Sister Elise,

I'm flabbergasted that you would assert that your mother was "innocent" when she was found guilty by the Lord's anointed servants for her dirty deeds as a communist sympathizer.

If she was accused by the brethren of the Lord's university who hold the keys of education in the dispensation of the fulness of times, then it's obvious that she was indeed a communist spy.

I'm sorry for you that your mother chose to lie to you about her involvement and scapegoated the blame to her cousin. Surely Joseph Smith will judge her accordingly in the morning of the resurrection.

Emma Snyde said...

President, I am so glad that you uphold BYU honors code standards so diligently! The Lord's anointed university can't just take any unwed parent as a student! Well, unless they are really good at basketball at least.

Emma Snyde said...

To the anonymous poster accusing of President Paternoster of being a fake:

Why would you say such hateful things? Why are you using the evil internet to spread these horrible accusations? Even if what you say is true and the dear President is using an alias, does that really change the truth of his message? NO! His call to defend the faith and adhere to its teachings is still a bright Godly spot in this bleak world we travail in until we are called to our heavenly home.

So, please anonymous poster, don't attack our beloved President Paternoster.

Anonymous said...

Usually when I read LDS inspired material on the web -- at some level, feel the spirit. Reading this blog and some of the comments I feel nothing. That still small voice tells me this is some sort of a scam.

Emma Snyde said...

You are right, Anonymous. You should only accept information as true when it is confirmed to you by the Holy Spirit. No amount of so called "evidence" one way or another should sway you. That is a lesson that Pres. P taught very clearly in his previous post. It's probably the commenters who use crude language or make fun of the church that drive the Spirit away from you.

Just because someone uses a nom de plume doesn't mean that they are necessarily a scam. Prophets and other chosen men have always "lied" for the Lord. Remember how Abraham said that Sarah was his "sister" when they went to Egypt? Or how about when Joseph Smith told the Relief Society in Nauvoo that the practice of plural marriage was all a just a silly rumor spread by his enemies in front of several young women he had already taken as eternal brides? Sometimes the Lord requires the sacrifice of some small, inconsequential "truth" to further his work, or to clarify doctrine for the majority of church members who can't handle subtlety.

You yourself are not using your real name in your comments.

If you are still confused, fast and pray I'm sure you will receive the knowledge you seek.

Michael said...
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Stake Pres. said...

Brother Keeney, my very first blog follower! I haven't heard from you in ages. I agree wholeheartedly that the Church needs to add the standards of BYU to the temple recommend questions. I am doing this as a pilot project in my stake and am sure it will reach your stake in the not too distant future.

Michael said...
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Angus Fingal MacIntyre said...

Halò. My name is Angus Fingal MacIntyre and I am from Glascow, Scotland. I am currently enrolled as a freshman at BYU-I.
This last week a young lassie invited me to a semi-formal dance. I was so excited to wear my kilt to the dance since the MacIntyre Royal Hunting tartan has been in our family for over twenty generations.

But, aye, I realized it is always a good idea to review the BYU-I Honor Code first:

"Semiformal Dance Attire -- Men: A dress shirt and tie, formal half-collar shirt without tie, or turtleneck with a sport coat and dress slacks are acceptable. Dress shoes are required. Athletic shoes, t-shirts, kilts, jeans, and grubby attire are not acceptable."

I was a wee bit sad to hear that I can't wear my kilt to the dance. Although it was a blow to my lowlander pride, I realized that the Honor Code is there to protect me and my lassie (and other students) from possible immorality. Imagine if a cold, Idaho wind suddenly blew up my kilt and exposed my bahookie. That would be terrible.
So I wore a modest pair of Dockers khaki pants instead.

I know that I am being obedient and will be blessed for that decision.


Cindy said...

I did not attend BYU so I’m not really sure what it is like for those who do or who wish to. However, it seems to me that the school is looking for students to be a certain way and not just pretend to be a certain way. Let’s say someone had gotten into a school on a football scholarship but when they got to the school it became evident that they didn’t posses what it takes to remain on the team. Maybe the reason was because the person only gave their all at school but when they were off campus or when it was off season they slacked off. Would the coach have the right to remove him from the team even if it meant the student would loose their place at the school?

I’m sure the decisions you had to make President were hard ones but I commend you for being honest with the school in helping them uphold the standards they have set.

Matt said...

As a humble follower of Jesus Christ, I have been touched by your words.

I think we must understand that there is a difference between "history" and "truth". Why teach the correct history if it doesn't help bring us closer to the spirit of God so that we can someday have our bodies restored again and enter into the celestial kingdom? I want to build planets, and, in the end, that's all that matters.

Tom said...

Darn, I've been a temple worthy member of the Church since High School, married in the Temple, with two kids, callings, and I live a pretty good life... too bad I have long hair, and am "unworthy" of going to BYU. Glad my gay neighbor graduated from there, though.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I was disappointed after reading this. This "Sinead" girl you described sounds like a pretty upright young women;
and your insistence that going slightly above the knee can cause problems for the priesthood....seriously? It sounds like you are transferring blame where it does not belong in this case. In fact, I am thoroughly shocked at the amount of male knees I see blatantly displayed across campus. It is simply indecent. Why has the matter of below the knee shorts never come up for young men? Our knee-caps are basically identical. The tangent is a little ridiculous, but so is, in my opinion, the intense focus on the knee issue.
BYU is a private university, and therefore can have dress code restrictions as it will, but to put forward that the standards of a private institution such as BYU should have equal weight to gospel standards such as temple worthiness? Sir, I completely disagree.
BYU is not the gospel. BYU will never be the gospel. Even the church is not the gospel, in respect to its individuals. It is why there is such a plead from church authorities to let go of remarks that we find offensive from other members: even bishops and stake presidents; because we are all err in different ways, especially in projecting our completely personal bias onto something so divinely inspired as the gospel.
I would recommend trying to look more at the actions these young people make towards others, the strength of their testimonies, and their development in the gospel rather than going at them with a measuring stick. Welcome them with love and not criticism. Encourage them, and be more forgiving then you feel comfortable with. Christ judges us on our ability to judge ourselves and others, because each person is unique in that way. It sounds like you are very exact in your life, but most people aren't. If a student feels that he or she is in a good space spiritually, then he or she probably is. If you see a violation of the dress code, then lovingly remind them of it; and be willing to keep doing so in a gentle and personal manner. If the problem is consistent, then they probably don't see it as an issue.
One of my favorite bishops once told me that his job was to act as Christ in some instances, and to speak and behave accordingly. Not as someone with a role of power over others, or in a place to judge others, but as a representation of forgiveness and love.

Anonymous said...

My comment holds, but I'm happy to see that the blog is a fake. =)

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me

HD Radio® Farce said...

I think all of you are wack-jobs! Go fuck a Sister! LMFAO!!!

anonymous said...

no joke, what are u guys a bunch of ex members? i dont remember jesus ever using sarcasm, wow

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this blog is retarded. BYU needs higher standards than the temple? This unrighteous judgmental "holier than thou" guy is on crack or something.

Anonymous said...

As a mormon myself when I read this I seriously thought it was a joke mocking mormons and the ridiculous BYU honour code

Anonymous said...

Reader beware - this blog is a scam. Please do not believe what you read on here. It is not authentic or truthful.

Anonymous said...

Proof that the gospel is true, but that BYU is not! Christ would never not let a woman attend church because she had a belly ring. He would except her with open why BYU?

Anonymous said...

"I came not to call the whole, but sinners, to repentance." ...when he was the only whole one. It whooshed right over their heads too, I'm sure, but he totally used sarcasm. How do you deal with Pharisees without a little tongue in cheek?

Mrs. H said...
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