Tuesday, May 31, 2011

There is a person pretending to be me......

Brothers and Sisters,

A person pretending to be me set up this fake profile:

Which is an impersonation of my real profile here:

This person has made some comments in my name to the effect that I am not really a stake president.  I have deleted those comments.

I have also reported this to blogger and asked them to delete the impersonator.  For now any comments made by me or that seem to be made by me can be verified by clicking on my name.  My 'real' profile has been viewed 4,700 or so times whereas the fake profile has been viewed twice.

Actually I have made a change that all comments will now have to be approved by me.  This way no one will have to guess whether a comment by "Stake Pres." is actually from President Paternoster.  All is restored and I do have to sincerely congratulate the impersonator for his or her ingenuity.


anonymous78 said...

Whew..glad everything is ok!

Allan Jenkins said...

Thank you for keeping us abreast of the works of deceivers who follow after the father of all lies, who is their master, even Master Mahan.

On another blog, I recently had an encounter with this imposter who claimed to have priesthood dominion over me. However, when I asked him to shake hands, he offered me his hand, and I did not feel anything; therefore, I detected him. Furthermore, he was unable to correctly identify the sacred signs and tokens known only by true messengers of God.

I am very blessed to know the grand keys whereby we may know whether any administration is from God.

I sustain President Paternoster as the only man possessing all of the priesthood keys to govern the Stake to which he has been appointed to preside, and I hereby manifest it by the uplifting of the right hand.

All those in favor will please join me.

Roger said...

I am so glad the Spirit prompted you to check those comments, President. Heavenly Father must be looking out for your spiritual stewardship!

Stake Pres. said...

Wow this person is VERY angry right now. I guess he doesn't like being unable to have his comments posted. Still it makes for a fun read in my gmail inbox!!

anonymous78 said...

Let us pray he does not take it out on his family.

R. Nephi Samuelson said...

The anti-Mormons and apostates will stop at nothing to prevent the word of truth from flowing forth from the Lord's servants! Thank you for your valiance and determination to share your wisdom and experiences with the world!

May the Lord continue to bless your efforts President Paternoster!

p.s. Although we are not in the same Stake, my beloved eternal companion and I printed a copy of your picture and have it framed on our wall. We have had several friends comment on it, and I have encouraged them to seek out your blog in order to fully appreciate this wonderful blog and its proprietor. So don't be surprised if more faithful members show up here to support your efforts! Onward and Upward!

-R. Nephi Samuelson

Stake Pres. said...

Thank you all for your support.

This person claims to be a true believer and yet is bombarding me with one hateful comment after another.

To the impersonater; I know you are reading this - please calm down. The spirit of contention is of the devil. However I do enjoy your comments and if taking out your anger on me helps you then please continue.

Feel free also to look me up on facebook (Bill Paternoster). You can add me as a friend or you can just post on my wall without adding me - whichever suits you best. I am always open to discussions on my authenticity as a stake president.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad we can't offer a kind of "cyber handshake" and ask that imposter if they are an angel/the REAL President Paternoster... then we'd know for sure. However, given my own personal Liahona, I'm happy to know you're the real deal! :-)

Bjorge Queen said...

Allan, I'm glad that you remembered what they taught you in seminary. Somebody who was habitually late and didn't follow through with their devotional assignments (cough cough you kids in my class of 95 know who you are cough cough) wouldn't have known how to spot a fake.

Anonymous said...

I'm with anonymous78... perhaps we could hold a cyber-true-order-of-prayer for this person? We could all cyber-bow our heads and say "yes". I don't have my veil handy, but I could throw a kleenex over my face so the Lord won't have to look upon my eyebrows which haven't been waxed in quite a while...

Hyrum R. said...

Apostates are just bitter people who will stop at nothing. Your ability to handle this kind of adversity inspires us all, Pres. Paternoster.

Anonymous said...

Oh god! Hear the words of my mouth (repeated three times). You have been added to the prayer roll of this cyber temple.

Anonymous said...

I bet it was Michael Ash.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clarifying President.

It's a shame there's someone online trying to impersonate a stake president. Thank you for stopping that and clearing up any confusion.

Brother Mobegone said...


Perhaps you should publish some of the emails sent to you by this apostate, that his deeds of darkness might be brought into the light.

Thank you for your work in building the kingdom.

Brother Mobegone

Brigham Taft Pratt said...

Thank the Lord we have the spirit of discernment to prevent us from falling for the evil desires of cunning men. No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing President!!!! Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble and calumny may defame, but your truth will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent until it has penetrated every ear, swept every continent and visited every clime!

Spencer said...

Thank goodness we have leaders like yourself to cushion us from Satan's cheap counterfeits.

As I looked at the two sites--one true, one false--and compared them side-by-side, my testimony of the power of discernment just increased several gigawatts.

Let's pray the nasty emails will calm down soon. Haters going to hate, you know? I would just take all this as a sign that the devil is scared enough of you to put forth this feeble attempt at thwarting the work.

Anonymous said...

Dear President.

I love this blog.

I have a very pressing question.

Recently a friend of mine, a beautiful young woman of color, told me that she has decided to leave the church because of its racist doctrines.

Personally I feel that her faith and testimony of the restoration of the gospel was always week.

I really would like to help her. The Church is not racist. Even in Israel, only the levites had the priesthood.

She seems valiant enough. I know our Heavenly Father loves her.

I suspect as is often with these cases that she is not keeping the commandments.

After all being Mormon has worked for me. I am married with children and a great husband. Sure I am white, but God is no respecter of persons.

Please I really want to ensure that her soul is not lost, I mean with the whole pre-mortal lack of valiance, I am concerned she will not fare well!

Concerned Friend!

JHC said...


The wicked always take the truth to be hard. Thank you for your courage in having to deal with the vilest of accusations.

I know that you have a very special relationship with the great Apostle even, Boyd K Packer. Perhaps you could get him to ordain and set you apart as the Stake President of the internet?

This way every knee would bow and tongue confess that you truly are President of Presidents.

I do however fear you would become too valuable in that calling, thus delaying your inevitable calling to the Quorum.

Thank you for your good work

Spencer Taft Hunter said...

In light of these trying times and dramatic unfolding events, let us all stand and sing with unwavering faith "We Thank Thee oh God for our Stake President."

♫ We’ll sing of his goodness ♪ and mercy. ♫
♫ We’ll praise him by day ♪ and by night, ♫
We doubt not the President ♪ nor his goodness. ♫
♫ We’ve proved him in days ♪ that are past. ♫
♫ The wicked who fight ♪ against Zion
♫ Will surely be ♪ smitten at last. ♫

anonymous78 said...

"I would just take all this as a sign that the devil is scared enough of you to put forth this feeble attempt at thwarting the work."

I agree, even Joseph himself had to wrestle with the devil...

"But, exerting all my powers to call upon God to deliver me out of the power of this enemy which had seized upon me, and at the very moment when I was ready to sink into despair and abandon myself to destruction--not to an imaginary ruin, but to the power of some actual being from the unseen world, who had such marvelous power as I had never before felt in any being--just at this moment of great alarm, I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head, above the brightness of the sun, which descended gradually until it fell upon me."

Stake Pres. said...

Thanks everyone. Sorry to the anonymous poster who said this "Recently a friend of mine, a beautiful young woman of color, told me that she has decided to leave the church because of its racist doctrines."

I got busy and didn't answer but please refer your friend to my blog post entitled "Are Mormons Racist? A Scriptural Analysis"
dated Jan 31st in my blog. This post was specifically designed to help those struggling with the issue of race and Mormonism.

Bro Jenssen said...

I look at his blog, President.
He looks like one of those disgruntled permanent Elder's Quorum types. I wish he'd put his shoulder to the wheel and push along now.

Insana D said...

I checked out the imposters profile and noticed that he is an adviser for MLMs and also listed a great book about getting a good downline. As a man of God and one who has a direct channel to him, I was wondering if you, the true and honest Stake President could tell me which MLM to join.

There are so many and they say Lo here, and Lo there and contend with one another but I would sincerely like to know which MLM is the one God set apart as the true MLM.

Also, do you know anyone I can contact to show the new product line to? Hopefully someone a little gullible and easily manipulated because I'm kinda new at this stuff and have a hard time closing a sale. Someone lonely with a lot of money and gullible friends would be great.
Thanks President Paternoster.

Oh, before I go, have you read my latest questions on your facebook account? I really need some answers.

Anonymous said...

The imposter is pretty obviously Daryl Young. He's got his panties in quite a wad over the whole unholy and impure thing. If he can't follow the advice of 4 sustained prophets, seers, and revelators, he should just acknowledge his apostasy and go down with a clean conscience.

Molly Smith said...

I am a faithful reader and look forward to every doctrinal blog post you write. I think I will bare my testimony this Sunday regarding the truthfulness of your wise cousel. Thank you for your service in the one true church. I pray that the Lord would see fit to welcome some current apostles into the celestial kingdom so that you will soon be called to the 12. Thank you for you humble service.

anonymous78 said...

I hear that is a fairly common problem with G's.

Anonymous said...

To the "fans" of Bill Paternoster:

I just checked the Church Directory, which lists every single stake president, bishop, branch, president, and general authority currently serving in the Church.

There is no one by the name of Paternoster who is in a stake presidency anywhere in the Church. If you don't believe me, ask you bishop to look it up. He's not in there.

Stake Pres. said...

Thanks Brother West. Like you I really wish that church directory was up to date. The previous stake president (my predecessor) is starting to get a little annoyed too.

Fake Pres. said...

hahahaha oh thats good - Dont worry, Pres, theres people that support the tooth fairy too - you'll still have people believe in you

Stake Pres. said...

Are you seriously saying you don't support the tooth fairy?

If so I've never heard such blasphemy.

Now in future if you want to comment I would kindly ask that you change the pic (so as to avoid confusion betwixt me and thee) or post under a different (anonymous?) name.

fproy2222 said...

I read this about you;"I checked the church directory, which lists all the leaders of all the units in the world. There is no stake president named Paternoster listed anywhere in the directory. The guy is a fake.

Let me repeat that--there is no one named Paternoster who is currently serving in any stake presidency in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."


Please let us know that you are a real Stake Presidant by telling us wnat stake you serve in.


anonymous78 said...

Some people just don't appreciate the word of God Prez, they take the truth to be hard. Keep up the good work!

TuNeCedeMalis said...

Regarding the comment by Fred,

President, I just wanted you to know that I support you completely. I have a testimony that you are indeed a president of a local, and lucky I might say, stake of Zion.

I am not of an adulterous generation that requires a sign, like Fred. I wouldn't dream of questioning your beautiful motives.

I just thank the Lord that you are here to guide us and direct us. I am grateful that you are here to tell me the best way to serve the Lord and what he expects of me.

Please never go away and please show patience to those with too little faith such as Fred.

fproy2222 said...


"I am not of an adulterous generation that requires a sign, like Fred. I wouldn't dream of questioning your beautiful motives.

And just why do you feel you need to help the "pres" hide his true identify?


fproy2222 said...

"Please never go away and please show patience to those with too little faith such as Fred."

Such statements make me think you know nothing about being a Mormon. You show no understanding of the standards of athority he claimes to have, but he does not demonstrate. You and he must be outsiders trying to lead people away from the Lords true Church.


Stake Pres. said...

Brethren of the priesthood; Whom say ye that I am?

Some say I am a stake president. Others have said I am one of the three Nephites who has come in glory to convince mankind of the coming of the Lord.

What thou thinkest is of little concern to me for I am meek and lowly of heart. The Lord seeth fit to allow all discussion on the subject to come to pass unto the convincing of the children of men but asketh that this be done in a spirit of brotherly love and kindness according to the spirit that is within you.

Thus have I spoken. Whether by mine own voice or the voice of President Paternoster it is the same, amen.

fproy2222 said...

President Paternoster;
"Thus have I spoken. Whether by mine own voice or the voice of President Paternoster it is the same, amen."

Lots of replies but no answer, very common for an antiMormon pertending to be a Mormon.


Stake Pres. said...

Oh my dear Fred,

Why doubt ye? I have mentioned before on my blog that in order to maintain the confidentiality of members mentioned I have not given the name of my stake.

But unto you I give this clue;
if you search stake president Paternoster you will find two mentions in the Ensign. Doubt not my friend, but be believing.

Brother Mobegone said...


I want to bear my testimony that I know President Paternoster is a true Stake President. I prayed to know the truth, and received a burning in my bosom that he is true. I know it without a doubt, with every fiber of my being, just as sure as if the Lord told me face to face.

I would ask you to pray about the truth of these things. If you receive an answer that he is true, then you can know that God has shown you the right way. If you get an answer that Pres. Paternoster is a phony, this is probably of the devil and you should pray again until you get the correct answer.

I testify that Joseph Smith was a prophet and restored the gospel, and that Pres. Paternoster is a Stake President called of the Lord. I love my mom and dad. I'm thankful for my teachers.

In the name of Thy Son Jesus Christ,

Stake Pres. said...

Thank you Brother Mobegone, if only all were like unto you in faithfulness.

Sister McCulloch said...

President Paternoster is a real Stake President, I have met with him in person to discuss marital concerns and have frequently gotten together with his wife, who has been a second mother to me as my parents are in the States.

Anonymous said...

Why won't you come out and state who you are? As an active member of the Church I have to admit I question your validity. This almost seems like you are speaking for the Church which isn't your calling. From one stake pres to a potential other???

Anyway, your posts are interesting at least. Something to read at work.


Anonymous said...

You seriously didn't compare yourself to one of the Three Nephites??? Please tell me you don't have an ego problem!? Why don't you just come out with your real identity???

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. P,

If you are indeed a stake president, you can look me up in the CDOL. Give me a call today! I'm the only Gregory West listed in Virginia. Give me a call today!

Brother Mobegone said...

To the anonymous poster who implied Pres Paternoster has an ego problem:

I wonder if you recall making a certain covenant to never speak ill of the Lord's annointed. For your sake, I especially hope you didn't make that covenant prior to 1990.

mathyou9 said...

Dear President Paternoster, you don't deserve to be harassed by these apostates. If they only knew the good that you do, they'd shut the heck up and leave you alone. They must be from Utah Lighthouse Ministries, or something.

To all the haters out there: I used to be less-active, but it was President Paternoster's blog that brought me back into the fold. And in fact, I'm meeting with him today for my Temple Recommend interview.

Quick question before the interview, President: Last night I dreamt that I masturbated. Will that keep me from entering the House of the Lord? I can up my tithing to 13% if you want.

fproy2222 said...

President Paternoster;

"Why doubt ye? I have mentioned before on my blog that in order to maintain the confidentiality of members mentioned I have not given the name of my stake."

Your replies sitll give no answer and you show a lack of understanding that a real Stake Presadent would know and use.

A real Stake Presadent that I know has given a way for you to show you are real;

"Every branch president, bishop, stake president, and all the general church leadership are listed in a separate web site to which authorized people have access. The instant that MLS is updated and the updates are confirmed, the names of new leaders appear in it. Paternoster is lying when he says that his directory has not been updated. If he had been called two days ago, that might be the case. He has been running his site since January.

Let me just throw out this challenge. Mr. Paternoster, if you are a stake president, you have access to the CDOL. That means you can look me up in it. My name is there. Please, log onto the CDOL today and give me a call this afternoon. I'm the only Gregory West listed in Virginia. The CDOL has my phone number. Give me a call this afternoon! I know stake presidents are busy men. If not today, sometime this week maybe? I'll be waiting for your call!"

We will be waiting for your call.


Sis. Daniels said...

Anonymous do you have some insight into the three Nephites the others of us don't have, if so please do tell.

Fake Pres. said...

is Brother Mobegone, mathyou9 and Paternoster the same person? Do you have other aliases like Roger & Insana D & Aurora?

mathyou9 said...

Gregory, I am saddened that you are you seeking a physical manifestation (in the form of a telephone call) from President Paternoster to confirm his identity as a servant of God? Why are you tempting the Lord? President Paternoster is the Lord's mouthpiece for his stake in Zion. Heavenly Father will not have President Paternoster cave-in to a sign-seeking apostate. (Now I'm almost certain that you are from Utah Lighthouse Ministries just as I suspected.)

It is my testimony that President Paternoster is a man of God. Not because God came down and told me (or because I demanded that President Paternoster prove it to me with a phone call) but because the Holy Ghost told me so. When I started becoming un-less-active, the first church meeting I went to was Stake Conference. I didn't even want to be there (you see, Sister McCulloch had given me a plate of cookies and invited me to Stake Conference; I only attended to make her happy [I would have normally turned down her invitation, but her cookies were so darn good! In the least, I felt somewhat obliged.] But I digress; anyway ...) I got goosebumps and felt tingly all-over during President Paternoster's talk. I *know* this was the Holy Ghost confirming to me the divine calling of President Paternoster.

Gregory, you can rest assured that I will be putting your name in the prayer rolls of all the Temples along the Wasatch Front. But in the mean time, I will personally ask Heavenly Father (if it be His will, of course) to soften your heart so that you can let the Gospel back into your life. Why can't you just quit being a miserable, grumpy, sign-seeking apostate? Kicking against the pricks will get you no where in Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness. If it weren't Satan's plan, I'd force you back into the Fold of God. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Sister McCulloch said...

Compassionate service opportunities abound, and are especially effective in bring the less active back into the fold!

Mathyou9, I'm deeply honored to hear you liked my cookies so much. It is amazing how something so simple can mean so much. A simple plate of cookies can heal many offenses. My heart is warmed every Sunday when I see you sitting in the front pew.

I hate to admit it, but I often took a holiday during stake conference, it was a nice break from ward meetings. One afternoon, kind loving Cathryn Paternoster taught me to bake delicious cookies and love and cherish the Stake President. I now have his photo in every room. The photo on my bathroom mirror is especially effective. Now, I never miss an opportunity to learn from his wise counsel. If you haven't yet, please print out some photos for your home as well.

Stake Pres. said...

I appreciate the testimonies borne of me this day. Today is fast & testimony Sunday after all.

Fake pres I appreciate you switching the photo of me for another, now I can approve your comments without hesitation.

I can totally see how you might think I am some or all of these aliases.

Some of those who you think might be me actually have their own blogs (such as if you click on Aurora and Insana Dee, I think). But with regards to the others you will have to choose whether to trust me or not when I say that I only ever post comments as 'Stake Pres.'

Stake Pres. said...

I apologize. With regards to the above statement I have a correction to make; both my wife and I have posted as "Sister Paternoster". I have always done so with her approval though (i.e. not behind her back).

Brother Mobegone said...

Greg and Fake Pres,

It's obvious that something has turned you against the Lord's church and His servants. Someone must have offended you, or perhaps there is a sin in your life that you are not willing to give up?

Please repent and come back to the path of righteousness. Do you want to lose your salvation just because someone told you they didn't like your shirt? Is the momentary "pleasure" of masturbation really more desirable than full activity and standing in the Lord's church?

As an ordained leader in Christ's true church (second counselor in an Elder's quorum presidency), I ask you to reconsider. Forgive the person who offended you, go to your bishop and confess your sins. It's not too late. Please stop speaking against President Paternoster and against the church. Please come back into the safety of the fold!! We all love you and miss you.

Timothy R. Berman said...

My concern is valid. Bill Paternoster stated that one can find him in two Ensign Magazines. I did a search query of "stake president paternoster" and got no results. However, when I keyword "Paternoster" I received two hits in the Ensign. Both are from the News Section of the magazine.

Here is what I found in the Ensign:

1) Anthony Clive Paternoster recently called to Stake Presidency in Crawely England as reported in the April 1986 edition of the Ensign (See here http://lds.org/ensign/1986/04/news-of-the-church/appointments?lang=eng&query=paternoster)

2) Anthony Clive Paternoster recently attended the Re-dedication ceremony of the London England Temple and commented in the January 1993 Edition of the Ensign - again, in the LDS Newsroom section of the magazine (see link here: http://lds.org/ensign/1993/01/news-of-the-church/london-temple-rededicated?lang=eng&query=paternoster)

The second reference has this quote:

"The events were “the experience of a lifetime,” for Anthony Paternoster, a stake president and temple recorder, and his wife, Iris. “We’ve gone through a range of emotions as we saw, at first, the old building being ‘destroyed’ before our eyes. One night in March 1992, we looked out from … where we were working. Suddenly the new floodlights for the temple were put on as a test. It was as though life was suddenly being breathed back into the temple once more.”

Now, for Mathyou9 - are you really at all familiar with who and what Utah Lighthouse Ministries is? If so, you would know that Greg West is not part of Utah Lighthouse Ministries. Greg West is a National Examiner that counter's the claims critics make against the Latter-day Saint Church. He also is the founder of S.P.A.M - Society for the Prevention of Anti-Mormonism. Therefore, your accusation against Greg West is out of either ignorance, or out right lies.

I too am a Latter-day Saint apologist who has recently come back to the fold and serve two callings within my local ward. I write for Examiner as well, but on a more local level, and maintain an apologetics blog - Mormon Apologetic Research Studies (http://mormonapologeticresearchstudies.org).

What concerns me is that if President Paternoster is who he claims to be, then he would not be talking about interview details he has had with members in his stake. In fact, most stake presidents perform the initial stake temple recommend interviews when someone is new in receiving their temple recommend and then it is done at the level of the Bishop of that individual's ward. A stake president also conducts interviews for those individuals who are called to serve at the Stake level. However, a member's main line of authority is to their Bishop first and foremost.

Thus, the concern is valid that we ask for verification because people who do not employ appropriate critical thinking skills can be easily mislead into thinking something that really is not.

Stake Pres. said...

Good research Brother Berman.

Fake Pres, can you reword the comment you just did? It sounded a little too on the nasty side. I just don't feel good about posting it. No need to put down others' work. (And for the benefit of others the comment made wasn't aimed at me, but at one of our fellow commenters). While I am of the opinion that moderating shouldn't be necessary let's keep things respectable here.

TuNeCedeMalis said...

When you anti's say unkind things about President Paternoster I get a dark, sick kinda feeling inside. I testify this is the Holy Ghost telling me that what you are saying is directly from the adversary.

Why are you so obsessed with tearing others down? Why can't you accept the love and faith we have in this beautiful man? I will never understand anti mormon's. They feel because they don't like the church they have to spend all their time tearing down others testimonies in it.

I love you President Paternoster and I will always obey your counsel. God bless you for the attacks you constantly receive from such cruel sinners.

Fake Pres. said...

ok how about

Mobegone is Fake too
and TuNeCedeMalis probably is since he obviously doesnt read or thinks that LDS handbook is anti mormon

Fake Pres. said...

pres...are you Tunecedemalis too?

Timothy R. Berman said...

Paternoster, so you are claiming that since 1986, you are still a Stake President in Crawley England? That is 36 years you are claiming to be a Stake President. I have a hard time believing that a Stake President remains in that position for that long. Bishops serve a 5 year calling (or shorter depending on circumstances).

The problem is, you are claiming to have been called to a stake presidency position recently. This conflicts with the two Ensign Articles, or You were a stake president and are no longer one and have propped yourself up as a stake president who is still serving. This latter is deceitful.

TunecedeMalis - I am well aware of how Anti-Mormon's argue, what they do. Anti-Mormon's will not question a Stake President's authority. They may question the authority of the First Presidency and the Authority of Joseph Smith, however, I have never heard Anti-Mormon's argue that a person is not a Stake president.

Timothy R. Berman said...

Btw, here is the correct link to my blog:


Anonymous said...

All this bickering is killing me. President Pasternoster, please cast these demons out!

Folks, this is a really simple blog for people like me & others who enjoy the further light & knowledge from our beloved president.

If you don't like the true doctrines of our church, then you should resign from anything LDS! What you're doing is causing spiritual pollution & those of us here just want to drink from the cup of our inspired leaders, especially president pasternoster because he is one of the rare leaders reaching out to us in cyber world with the knowledge of salvation. We are free to discuss things here we wouldn't want to with others. We know president pasternoster will tell us accurate doctrine even if it cuts like a two-edge sword. At least we can know the truth & be on course!

So why do some people here criticize others for desiring further light & knowledge? Come on!

mathyou9 said...

Fake Pres.,

Just as computer analysis has proven time and time again that the Book of Mormon was written by multiple authors, that very same computer analysis will prove that Brother Mobegone, President Paternoster and myself are, indeed, three separate beings (we are one in purpose, though; i.e., to build the Kingdom of God on Earth and to fight-off rabid anti-Mormons such as yourself.)

I testify that I am not an alias of President Paternoster. Obviously I don't have a blog for you to verify my separateness from President Paternoster (I'm simply using my Google account to log-in and post) but I am, very much, not President Paternoster. How else could he interview me for my Temple Recommend? Speaking of which, thank you President Paternoster for issuing my Temple Recommend yesterday; my family will be so thrilled when they learn that I am worthy to enter the House of the Lord again. (Oh, and thanks for the "To Young Men Only" pamphlet; I look forward to reading it.)

Anyway, where was I going? Oh yeah, I am definitely not President Paternoster. Where is your faith, Fake Pres.? Don't you know that in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established? We've testified to you. Now it's up to you to allow the Holy Ghost back into your life so that you can receive this witness.


Timothy Berman, perhaps you're right. I may have jumped to conclusions about Gregory's affiliation with Utah Lighthouse Ministries. I stand corrected. However, now I'm thinking he's actually from the vile, anti-Mormon website http://www.salamandersociety.com Let me pray about it ........... Just as I suspected!! My bosom burned within me, so I know my conclusion is right. That's my testimony and there's nothing you can do to take that away from me.


Well I've got to head out; I need to start preparing my Family Home Evening lesson for later on today.

(Keep up the good work, President Paternoster. We're here for you.)

Anonymous said...

TuNeCedeMalis & Paternoster are the same person

anonymous78 said...

I feel the same way..really, it's a blog, is it worth this much effort? What is gained by constantly hounding him?

Reminds me of other non LDS religious leaders who battle vehemently against gays only for it to come out later they are gay. Maybe Prez is speaking some truth here and they are taking it hard?

Anonymous said...

ok organise a computer analysis - or are yo just full of it like everything you write

mathyou9 said...

Anonymous wrote:
>ok organise a computer analysis ...

Funny you should ask. I've already organized a computer analysis to be done. Not just of mine, Brother Mobegone's and President Paternoster's writings, but of everyone's comments. You see, my father (the Stake Patriarch) just so happens to be a professional statistician. He knows all about how to do such computer analyses.

I've already pointed him here to gather the writings of everyone who's posted comments. I will return and report his findings as soon as he gives them to me. The Holy Ghost has already given witness to me that we, the faithful, will be vindicated by my father's findings. Just you wait!

Stake Pres. said...

mathyou9 that is so awesome if you really do this (or have this done). Please post whatever findings you come up with. We 'could' even do a whole new blog post on this!!
As stated before I only post under my name and occasionally Sister Paternoster. I hope the findings confirm this!
It's going to be difficult though as a lot of commenters speak purposely like Brigham Young!!

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog. I asked my Bishop about it and he read your blog. He informed me that I should not pay attention to what you are saying, or relating because he has never heard of a Stake President Bill Paternoster and does not show you listed as being a stake president.

Stake Pres. said...

Thank you anonymous for this feedback. I would kindly ask that you be obedient and follow your local leaders by paying no attention to any of my posts.

Anonymous said...

So you are admitting that you are not an official Stake President, and admit that people should not heed, nor follow your counsel?

Stake Pres. said...

No. I am saying that I am a strong believer in following the counsel of local leaders. Since I am not your local leader and your Bishop has asked you to pay no attention to what I am saying I would suggest you follow his counsel.

Fake Potheadmeister said...

I would suggest everyone not follow anything this imposter has to say

Pres Potheadmeister said...

Thats actualy the single best thing youve said. I would recommend that everyone should pay no attention to what this Stake Imposter says as he is actually nobody's local leader

Stake Pres. said...

People are free to come and go as they please and your suggestions and participation in the success of this blog are always welcome Brother Potheadmeister.

Sis Daniels said...

Just wondering, does someone have to have a title to be allowed to discuss the gospel? Are the general public allowed to know what our leaders have to say on certain issues? If so then why does it matter whether you "believe" president Paternoster is a real stake president anyways. The points he raises in his posts come from LDS sources which he always provides for you. If you have a problem with his posts then you have a problem with some of the practices, beliefs and teachings of the LDS church.

Pres Potheadmeister said...

He doesnt just teach the teachings of the church , he teaches his own philosophy mixed with teachings of the church. You know philosophies of men mixed with scripture. The same misleading stuff satan loves to use to give 90% truth and 10% lies. Plus the smut he chooses to keep on his blog. Responding and even encouraging smut - sound like a leader you want to follow?

If I have a problem with his posts I have a problem with his philosophies not the teaching of the church.

and to be exact he isnt "our' leader in fact he isnt anyones leader...maybe yours if you choose to follow, but he carries no Godly authority to act as an LDS church leader, therefore if you choose to follow him, you choose to follow an imposter, and thats your right

R. Nephi Samuelson said...

I find the teachings espoused on this blog to be in harmony with the Gospel, especially since President Paternoster's message is always taught with dare I say ample information from Mormon sources. Truly the anti-Mormon spirit is unable to recognize the lengths President Paternoster has gone to keep his remarks in line with the bounds the Lord has set, which includes only using Mormon sources and lesson manuals for guidance as we have been instructed by the Brethren to do.

It does appear that there are many anti-Mormons like Pres. Potheadmeister who refuse to see this. Truly the spirit of the adversary is at work in the hearts of many. If we have the truth, we have nothing to fear! Continue to teach in clarity and boldness President Paternoster!

The Church is true Brothers and Sisters, the Church is true!

In humble thanks,

-R. Nephi Samuelson

Anonymous said...

Please define smut because I'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary here (unless he's deleted comments). People in real life swear and talk about sex, true a little more detailed online than IRL but I still have seen anything here that I would deem offensive enough to call smut.

Anonymous said...

that should read HAVE NOT, sorry about that.

mathyou9 said...

I just received a phone call from my father, the Stake Patriarch. He told me that he's done with the computer analysis. I assume he will post his results shortly.

Sis Daniels said...

Pres Potheadmeister, I am sure you are just a faithful member of the church who is trying to do the right thing. You have been warned of people on the internet who take things out of context or misrepresent leaders or add their own "philosophies" to things. I understand why you are so willing to close your eyes and walk around blindly being lead by what ever you are told by your local leaders. It's a scary world and your testimony is a fragile thing. I get why you want to put a protecting shield around it preventing any information to enter your head that may challenge the tender feelings you have for the church. However, since you were bold enough to come on here in the first place I sense that the desire to learn is in you even if it is buried deep. So I challenge you to quote exactly what you feel was President Paternosters own "philosophies" and in what way you find them to be out of harmony with the words of our Prophet, seers and revelators. If you choose to ignore this challenge then I have no choice then to put you in the same group as those “anti-Mormon” who make accusations and false claims with out backing up their position with any real evidence.

Stake Patriarch said...

Hi, I'm mathyou9's father, the Stake Patriarch. As my son said, I am a statistician by trade. However, I'm in my retirement (thus I devote ALL of my spare time in giving Patriarchal Blessings to the Saints of my Stake of Zion, the very Stake over which President Paternoster presides.) As such, I am only able to do statistician things on the side when the Lord grants me but a few moments to myself. But I have been able to free up time lately with the use of a random number generator (even=Ephriam, odd=Manassah.) Just kidding President Paternoster! With all these apostates here harassing the faithful, I'm just trying to keep you on your toes.

mathyou9 wanted a full computer analysis done to determine which persons posting here are using aliases and which persons are using sock puppets. Unfortuneately I just don't have the time to perform a such an analysis (I pronounced 8 Patriarchal Blessings yesterday, I've got 11 today, 10 tomorrow and 47 more in the queue for the 5 days following.) Instead, I've run a computer analysis that when inputted with a unique style of writing, it outputs a unique string of hexadecimal values.

Here is a sampling of the results (please disregard the leading underscoring. I put it there to make for easier viewing [to heck with non-monospaced fonts!]:

"Stake Pres." -->_____________47 6f 64 20 74 68 65 20 46 61 74 68 65 72
"Brother Mobegone" -->______4a 65 73 75 73 20 20 20 43 68 72 69 73 74
"mathyou9" -->_______________54 68 65 20 48 6f 6c 79 20 47 68 6f 73 74
"G. West" -->_________________28 37 35 37 29 20 33 30 32 2d 31 33 37 38
"R. Nephi Samuelson" -->______4a 6f 73 65 70 68 20 20 20 53 6d 69 74 68
"Brigham Taft Pratt" -->_______4c 65 68 69 20 74 68 65 20 47 72 65 61 74
"Insana D" -->________________45 6d 6d 61 20 20 20 20 20 53 6d 69 74 68
"Molly Smith" -->_____________42 75 72 6e 69 6e 67 20 42 6f 73 6f 6d 73
"TuNeCedeMalis" -->_________42 6f 6f 6b 20 6f 66 20 4d 6f 72 6d 6f 6e
"Sister McCulloch" -->________54 72 69 70 6c 65 20 20 20 43 6f 6d 62 6f
"Sis. Daniels" -->______________54 68 65 20 48 6f 6c 79 20 42 69 62 6c 65

I wish I could stay and interpret these results, but I'm a busy brother. I've got to get to a Patriarchal Blessing appointment right away.

I hope I was of some usefulness, President. Don't hesitate to call upon me again for your statistics needs. In closing, allow me to share my testimony. I know the Book of Mormon is true. NOT by the Spirit, but because of my computer programs that tell me the Book of Mormon was written by multiple authors. And that's why--......wait a second, those reasons should be switched around, I think. Well, whatever, it was a slip-of-the-tongue; you all know what I meant. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Stake Pres. said...

Stake Patriach, these are very interesting results and reading in hex is second nature to me (to the point where I might do future posts in it).

For those needing assistance this site might come in handy:

Anonymous said...

Stake Patriarch,


Stake Pres. said...

57 65 20 73 68 6f 75 6c 64 20 61 6c 77 61 79 73 20 74 61 6c 6b 20 69 6e 20 68 65 78

Anonymous said...

Stake Pres:

Stake Pres. said...

61 6e 64 20 69 74 20 69 73 20 74 68 65 20 6c 61 6e 67 75 61 67 65 20 6f 66 20 41 64 61 6d 2c 20 64 65 61 72 20 61 6e 6f 6e 79 6d 6f 75 73

Anonymous said...


Stake Pres. said...

50 65 72 68 61 70 73 20 69 6e 20 74 68 65 20 68 6f 6c 79 20 6f 66 20 68 6f 6c 69 65 73

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


AuthenticAllyse said...

This is so hilarious!! The problem being I am torn between gagging and laughing. It cuts so close to home that I could barely tell whether or not it was satirical or serious. Thanks for making my day!

I have recently started a blog myself. Check it out.