Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Missionary Service Cures President Paternoster of Anthophobia

Some of you may not know that several years ago as a direct result of my parents serving a full time mission I was not only cured of Anthophobia but my sore knee suddenly got better.  Such miracles are not uncommon in the Church. 
The *September 2012 Ensign spoke of the miraculous blessings that occurred in one family when the parents served a mission, “One couple who had been unable to have children were blessed with a baby boy, another had a miraculous healing from cancer, another with a struggling child saw great progress, and others had their best year in business.” 
The Ensign article also confirms something that my scientifically trained mind has observed for many years, that “Missions keep people younger.”
With such blessings readily available to all I hope you can understand how it just sickens me when senior couples find excuses to not serve missions.  If only more couples could be like the Luangrath’s mentioned in the Ensign who admitted that (like most retired couples) they “sat in their home. … wondering what they should do.” 
The difference between them and less faithful couples is that instead of twiddling their thumbs they “wanted to follow the prophet, so they turned in their mission application.”
Couples are reacting positively to the new revelation highlighted in the Ensign that “Senior missionaries may return home for critical family events (for up to 10 days) at their own expense.”
The McClusky’s who are considering serving a mission when they retire next year told me that they appreciate the Lord recognizing that senior couples are now considered mature enough to decide for themselves whether to come home in an emergency.  “Previous generations of senior missionaries were probably not capable of making these decisions on their own and needed priesthood direction to tell them what to do, but we were specifically told in our youth that in the pre-existence ours was a more valiant generation”, remarked 68 year old Sister McClusky.
This new policy came just in time for John and Dorothy Simpson who’s only daughter Andrea was dying in the hospital.  At my suggestion they went on a mission in an attempt to cure Andrea of the stage 4 lung cancer that had been plaguing her for the last 7 months.  When it became clear that Andrea was imminently needed on the other side of the veil the Simpson's followed the direction given in the new policy and paid for themselves to return home to be with their daughter during the last days of her mortal probation. 
On the 5th day of their return with only 5 more days allowed they started to worry that they might not be able to be with Andrea when she passed on.  As a stake we all fasted and prayed and on the 9th day Andrea, in a moment of weakness, asked her parents to stay.  The Simpson’s knew that the Lord had implemented the 10 day policy for a reason and with faith filled tears they hugged their daughter for the last time before heading back to where the Lord needed them most. 
While obediently on their flight back to their mission in Australia Andrea passed away peacefully in her sleep.  "It was truly a miracle", said Elder Simpson who was proud to report that they were able to give a pass along card to a member of a rock band that was sitting next to them on the plane.  "We are so thankful that even though we missed the funeral this newly inspired policy permitted us to come home for a short final visit", said Sister Simpson.    
Brothers and Sisters please do all you can to encourage the elderly to serve missions.  I testify that as couples have the faith to go forward and serve the Lord they and their families will be blessed beyond measure, and I say these things humbly in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Anonymous said...

what? I'm first? rock on pres - you are a guiding beacon of reality

Goldarn said...

There are no words.

NeverMo Mike said...

“Senior missionaries may return home for critical family events (for up to 10 days) at their own expense.”

Wow. I, too, am speechless. While I'm no longer an investigator, I thank you P.P. for sharing this generous change in policy with us Gentiles.

What can I say? I guess the church doesn't have enough money to help its older members. Or the work of your lord is too important to put family first. Still, we have a saying in the states that "Charity begins at home."

Anonymous said...


This is NOT a website sanctioned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"President Paternoster" is not a stake president within the Church.

Rather, the content of this site varies from farce to pointed criticism [which is, at times, painfully accurate].

Many, but not necessarily all, of the posts are written in mockery of those who are sincerely striving, albeit imperfectly, to follow Jesus.

Caveat utilitor.

mahonri kimball said...

It is unfortunate that the Simpsons did not avail themselves of the opportunity to place the name of their daughter on the prayer rolls of the Temple. If they had done so, I am sure that she would have been healed.

I have had great success in getting God to intervene by placing names on the prayer roll of the Temple. Often, simple prayer, priesthood blessings, and serving a senior mission are not enough to get the job done.

Sometimes if I don't get results after submitting a name just once in a Temple Session, I find that submitting multiple entries works better.

In this very serious case involving terminal cancer,I would have recommended more serious efforts. It may have required an effort by the entire Ward or Stake in this case. Think what a few thousand entries on the prayer rolls of the Temple could have accomplished! Not to mention if everyone had skipped a couple of meals.

Also... did they let a priesthood blessing expire without giving another? I see many times in the Church when people receive multiple priesthood blessing over the course of the same illness. I'm not sure how it works but evidently after some period of time, a fresh blessing is required.

My condolences, but I do feel there was some negligence here in not using all of the means possible to induce the powers of Heaven to intervene. God will be the judge.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason why people need multiple blessings is because they are not faithful enough. I would like to share s story about an occasion when I lost my car keys, so I called the temple and asked to be put on the prayer list. I spent another hour looking for my keys but still could not find them, so I called the temple again but was a bit more humble the second time. As soon as I put the telephone down I found the keys! It was truly a miracle!

Raylene Ventura said...

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